The current Investigation Review Panel reviews and critiques completed Internal Affairs investigations and can recommend further investigation be conducted if they believe the work is incomplete. It has no authority or staff to conduct independent investigations.   

An officer accused of a crime or who uses deadly force under their law enforcement authority is subjected to three separate and mandatory investigations: a criminal investigation, an independent investigation by the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney, and an Internal Affairs investigation. A federal agency or a civil lawsuit could result in additional investigations. Complainants and witnesses participate in each of these investigations. 

City employees are compelled to cooperate with the current IRP and the Police Department is required to provide the complete Internal Affairs investigative file to the panel so no subpoena authority is needed to access relevant information from the Police Department or its employees.  

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To what extent do you agree that a Citizen Review Panel for Virginia Beach should have the authority to........

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The current Investigation Review Panel is a volunteer board that reviews investigations completed by Internal Affairs. As such, it receives staff support but has no dedicated budget. To what extent would you support allocating funding of up to $1 million to provide and cover operating expenses for a CRP to independently investigate allegations of police misconduct or uses of deadly force?

I do not support funding a CRP
I support funding a CRP up to $1 million
Not sure
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What is the zip code where you live?

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How long have you lived in Virginia Beach?

more than 20 years
16-20 years
11-15 years
6-10 years
1-5 years
less than a year
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